Nude shots taken at a Catholic school land Val Midwest in jail

Val Midwest
Val Midwest – taken from Twitter


Source: Huffington Post, cbsnews, 1011 HD

Valerie Dodds aged 19-years-old from Nebraska is known to her porn fans as Val Midwest (warning link contains nudity NSFW).  She has her own business running her personal adult website.  Val was more than a bit peeved that teachers and students from her old school, Pius X High School, ridiculed her chosen occupation as a porn star.  As some sort of retribution over the Mother’s Day weekend Val posed for nude shots on the school campus and then posted them on her website.  That gives a whole new meaning to posing for a school photograph.  My own school was so bad that people would look up to you if you became a porn star.

Of course Val didn’t ask the schools permission first.  Can you imagine how that would go?  As a result Val has been charged with trespassing and public indecency.  She has been sentenced to 45-days in the Lancaster County Jail with 30-days for trespassing and 15-days for public nudity.  That sentence seem a bit stiff (a bit stiff is what Val’s male fans get).  Surely they could of handed her a fine and a slap on the wrist.  Val was initially going to appeal the sentence but then decided to just do the time.

On a KETV reports Val says, “I’m taking it as a really bad vacation.”

By Michael Hilton

Article Name
Nude shots taken at a Catholic school land Val Midwest in jail
Porn star Valerie Dodds, AKA Val Midwest, was upset that her former teachers and classmates were putting her down for having a career in pornography. In some sort of payback Valerie posed for naked photos at her former school. She has been jailed for trespassing and public indecency.
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