NRL punishments for deliberate fouls that cause injury are WAY TOO SOFT


NRL logoWhat pisses me off is the way, WAY too lenient punishments handed out by the NRL judiciary to rugby league players for bad behavior. What really caps it off for me is the case where Sam Burgess (South Sydney Rabbitohs) reached in behind Will Chambers (Melbourne Storm) grabbed hold of his ball sack and gave it an old fashioned, as hard as you can, tug. What the f**k was Sam Burgess thinking. Did he think he could get away with it? Cameras were focused on him from every angle. There were thousands of spectators surrounding him. There was of course a number of referees. It appears that old Sammy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, the brightest spark in the fire, the lightest candle in the chandelier, the smartest phone in the shop…you get the idea. Now rugby league is a tough game. People get hurt. Sometimes there may be an accidental high tackle or shoulder charge. But grabbing another players balls isn’t done in the heat of the moment. It isn’t part of the game. It is out and out vindictive indecent assault. What punishment was he handed? A 2-week suspension. Yes that’s all, two measly weeks. I bet Sam was laughing all the way to his next pay check. The footy field is the players place of work. Imagine this, you are at work. You pass someone at the water cooler. You think, “I’m going to yank his balls”. You don’t stop, shake your head and consider, “Man what am I thinking? I want to yank some testicles. I must be a wack job.” Instead you reach in behind your co-worker, grab hold of his ball sack and tug with all your might. Is that good behavior? What punishment would your boss deliver? Two weeks off work so that you can languish at home. I don’t think so. You would be SACKED! That’s it, you’d be gone, history, done and dusted, never to be seen again, yesterday’s news. Not only that but I bet you would be facing charges of indecent assault. The maximum penalty for indecent assault (QLD) is about 10-years jail time not 2-weeks off work. When there is such an out-and-out violation of rugby league code there should be much stiffer penalties. I also think that the matter should be referred to police for their investigation. Just because the indecent assault occurs on the footy field shouldn’t mean the law doesn’t apply.

By Michael Hilton

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Deliberate foul play causing injury on the rugby league field should be met with much harsher penalties.
Penalties for rugby league players who blatantly injure another player through foul play are too lenient. The case of Sam Burgess pulling the testicles of a player is discussed.
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One thought on “NRL punishments for deliberate fouls that cause injury are WAY TOO SOFT”

  1. I think the punishment is OK. Players do things in the heat of the moment. Not because they are bad but because it is a physical game.

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